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Contact Your Local MP

We encourage medical students across Australia to write their own letter of concern to their local state or federal MP. We have provided you with a stencil letter to use as a guide, which contains AMSA’s position statements, policy, evidence base and recommendation to improve the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees.

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Get Involved with your Local CB4H Group

Found throughout Australia and other countries, Crossing Borders for Health is a transnational medical student initiative which aims to remove barriers to health care for refugees and asylum seekers. You can get involved with CB4H to meet recently settled refugees who need some support. It’s also a great way to meet like minded people and discuss your ideas.

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Contact Your Local State Manager

AFRAM has a manager on the ground in every state to coordinate and empower students on a local level in this advocacy campaign. They are also running local events to officially launch the AFRAM campaign in your area.

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