Submission to Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The full submission can be found here
In a recent submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection the AMSA strongly recommended an end to mandatory and indefinite detention of refugees and asylum seekers. Furthermore, AMSA called for the reinstatement of an independent health advisory body.

“AMSA reiterates our firm belief that all communities have a right to the best attainable health, as set out in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, said AMSA President James Lawler.

“We acknowledge the complexity of issues surrounding the health of refugees and asylum seekers, but current government policy does not take into account the unique medical needs of this demographic.

“There is a vast pool of evidence, both local and international, demonstrating a direct link between increasingly punitive detention policies and poor mental health outcomes.

“Seeking asylum is a basic human right and we continue to be perplexed by the Australian Government’s disregard for the United Nations Refugee Convention of 1951, to which Australia is a ratified party.

The World Economic Forum claims mental health conditions are the greatest threat to global GDP, ahead of any other type of health condition, noting the dramatic impact on productivity and quality of life.

“It is indefensible that Australia, as a developed nation, takes this punitive approach, violating human rights, exacerbating the health problems of vulnerable individuals and burdening the health system. Evidence shows there are economically viable and sustainable alternatives that optimise health outcomes, and we need to be pursuing these.

“AMSA is encouraged by the Government’s acceptance of submissions and consultation with community groups, however, we are concerned that these recommendations will yet again fall on deaf ears.

The full submission can be found here

Jordan BudgenSubmission to Department of Immigration and Border Protection